How Google becomes popular search engine overcoming Yahoo and Bing

Why is Google the most popular and used search engine? It is one of the most arguable topics ever. The discussion on this might get bigger than big, and facts can hit each other up.

Long ago, technology writer Levy Steve had stated his views on the mastery of Google. What is it that made the brand so successful?

Technology company Google, the best search engine, has everything that meets up the definition of an ever-updated search toolbox. Google has managed to bring new and implementable ways to optimise its search engine up to the mark.

According to Steve, Google had a remarkable way of focusing on the quality of engineering. To work on the search engine, Google focuses on hunting out the most talented of engineers. This talent hunt is an aspiration to many engineering students, who want to develop their career at Google.

Why is Bing behind Google in the search game? Let us do a simple Google search on Google and Bing. If you type the word ‘search’ on Google, you can get more than 14,170,000,000 results in 0.57 seconds.

On the other hand, if you search the same word on Bing, you will get about 8,300,000,000 results and Yahoo can bring 3,905,032,704 results for you.

Bing is ahead of Yahoo by about 4394967296 results. So, who won? Google showed 5870000000 more results than Bing. This example shows that Yahoo and Bing’s place compared to Google’s search engine is not same-to-same.

“Users want more results. Well, not only results are what they want, but also they want curated orderly items that have strong relevance with what people are searching for on the web. Google is always a step ahead to find engineerable solutions to the problems, for example, blending the up-to-the-minute artificial intelligence to upgrade the searching process. The brand has made voice search a go-to like none other,” expressed Shanta Samiya, an 8th-grade student at Viqarunnisa Noon School in Dhaka.

Shanta uses voice search on Google to practise her English vocabulary, and she is pleased with what Google shows her.

The Google story is widely known and discussed. It is not possible to make something ludicrously famous if there is no speciality in it. Google has always had great, visionary minds leading it.

From its baby phase, Google founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, focused on showing orderly search results, keeping clutters off the shore. Sorted search results included the most important links with relevance to the searched object. Google still keeps it lucid for the users. Only, Google now wants the wings of its bird bigger than ever. For example, top-notch artificial intelligence blended with a simple Google search. Yes, think about searching with a picture and Google showing you the best recommendations according to your type. Still, you do not want Google? That is not possible.

A search engine is better than the existing others, Google always has a vision of maintaining that. Looking for better ways of improving both the software and hardware performances, indexing as many websites as possible are the tactics Google always follows.

Bing is not a total loser as people do use it. The search engine of Microsoft has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play Store as of now. Bing shows visually pleasant stories, wallpapers, and even beautiful landscapes. People can customise privacy restrictions too.

Compared to that, Google’s search engine tends to embrace newer updates to cookies than any other search engine.

The outlook of Yahoo is not as simple as Bing. The homepage of the search toolbox presents horoscopes, article headlines on various contents. The outlook seems to have a similarity with the webpage outlook of Microsoft News. Google has none of these on its homepage and it is the simplest ever.

Google has picturesque Doodles that generally contain memorable days in the “I’m Feeling Lucky” section. Google has a lighter and faster app, Google Go, for search purposes. Bing and Yahoo do not have lighter versions.

Navid Zaman Sharid, a second-year student of Computer Science and Engineering at East West University, Dhaka, shared his thoughts on the relevancy of results provided by search engines.

He said Google’s search engine optimisation (SEO) feat and presentation of results in an orderly way attract him than other search engines.

According to Sharid, Bing does not show results in an organised, sorted way and it often lacked proper relevancy. He cannot say ‘it’s what I want’ after searching content on it.

Consequently, his search experience on Google is much better than that of Bing. Speaking of Yahoo, the search engine is not a primary option for many people browsing the internet.

In all, Google has managed to stay at the classic level in collecting user data to tailor search results and bringing a variety of cookie settings.

Google has only grown with time and has become a centre of internet attraction. Will the Google charm last? It is only a matter of time to see.

The writer is a student at the CSE department of East West University in Dhaka